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Taienkang won the 2022 National Demonstration Enterprise for Harmonious Labor Relations

2023-04-13 09:51:56

Recently, Taienkang was awarded the 2022 National Model Enterprise for Establishing Harmonious Labor Relations, which was jointly issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, All-China Federation of Trade Unions, China Enterprise Association/China Entrepreneur Association, and All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce on the naming of National Model enterprises and industrial parks for establishing Harmonious Labor relations. A total of 350 advanced enterprises with remarkable achievements in establishing harmonious labor relations, high employee satisfaction and strong demonstration and driving role were selected.

Taienkang was named as one of the 17 companies in Guangdong Province to be included in the list of demonstration enterprises, which is also the first time an enterprise from Shantou has won this honor. Taienkang won the "National harmonious labor relations to create a demonstration enterprise" national recognition honor, is the company to build "enterprise care for workers, workers love enterprise" harmonious labor relations work achievements, is the spur and incentive!

In the future, the company will cherish the honor, make persistent efforts, continue to "create a harmonious labor relations enterprise" high standard, promote the creation of harmonious labor relations work to a new level. At the same time, the company will continue to carry forward the demonstration and leading role of harmonious labor relations, actively summarize and promote the successful experience and model, drive more enterprises to pay attention to the protection of workers’ rights and interests, strengthen the care of workers, create a good atmosphere for the construction of harmonious labor relations, and contribute to the promotion of harmonious labor relations in our city to create a new leap forward. Take concrete actions to welcome the successful convening of the 20th Party Congress!

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