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The topping ceremony of the power workshop of Taienkang's Characteristic Chemical Raw Material Drug Project was successfully held

2023-04-13 09:52:23

On November 23, the power workshop capping ceremony of Dapoxetine Hydrochloride, Tadalafil and other API production lines invested by Sichuan Taienkang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was successfully held in Chaoyang Chemical Industry Park, Yuechi County, Sichuan Province. Since the construction of the power workshop of characteristic chemical active drug project, all the builders have worked hard for 199 days to overcome the difficulties such as epidemic, extreme high temperature and rainy season, and finally finished the capping with high efficiency, high standard and high quality. Chairman of Taienkang, Mr. Zheng  Hanjie, together with the senior management team of the group, delivered a speech at the site and expressed thanks to all the builders and the Yuechi government who worked hard day and night. He said: "The construction of Sichuan Taienkang Characteristic Chemical API Project is a key link in realizing the ’integration of research, production and marketing’ of Taienkang. The completion of the project marks that the company will further improve the production layout of chemical drugs, biological drugs, API and Chinese patent drugs." Liu Donghao, deputy secretary of the County Party Committee, attended and delivered a congratulatory speech to Taienkang. Secretary Liu spoke highly of the project: "The rapid and orderly progress of the construction of Sichuan Taienkang Project is an important achievement in the construction of Sichuan-Chongqing cooperative biomedical City in Yuechi, a leading example of deepening foreign cooperation, and a vivid practice of accelerating integration into the Chengdu-Chongqing economic circle."

After the speech, the senior executives and representatives of Yuechi government units moved to the hopper with golden shovels in hand and poured the final concrete for capping the power plant. Everyone present with excited mood, in a cheer, completed the final capping ceremony!

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