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Shantou General Health Industry Association was established, and Zheng Hanjie, chairman of Taienkang, was elected as the chairman of the association

2023-04-13 09:52:34

On March 20th, the founding conference of Shantou Health Industry Association and the first Summit Forum for the development of Health Industry in 2023 opened. At present, more than 120 enterprises have signed up to join the Health Industry Association. This means that the big health industry of Shantou has entered a new starting point of "group development and concerted cooperation", which is of milestone significance for Shantou to perfect and construct the development pattern of "three new, two special and one big industry" and accelerate the realization of high-quality development. Mr, Zheng Hanjie, chairman of Taienkang, is the chairman of the association. He said that the association will play the role of a government adviser and assistant to help the government to attract investment and provide advice to the government. Help enterprises to create business opportunities and expand the market, promote the continuous excellence and strength of the big health industry in Shantou, steadily promote the high-quality development of the big health industry in Shantou, build a new industrial development pattern, and better meet the people’s yearning for a healthy new life. And Taienkang will also give full play to its own advantages, and the market parties strong alliance, work together to cultivate fertile soil for innovation, and cultivate the fruits of innovative drugs.

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